Saturday, 13 June 2015

PATAS - w/c 11 May 15 - Error upon error

Here are the statistics for the week showing a surge in Appeals being filed but a large drop in the success rate for those Appeals lodged a month prior.

That week was the worst for the motorist (Barnet cases only) in the whole of 2015 but having sneaked a look at the following week I can report that the motorist got back on top.

Here are the, often classic, reasons why the motorist lost in this week.

-  Paid for the car and then moved it to a different type of bay.
-  Paid by phone for the wrong car.
-  Parked more than 50cm from the edge of the carriageway.
-  Needed the toilet urgently (the council can be kind to you but the adjudicator has to apply the law. Needing the toilet is not usually a medical emergency).
-  Not loading continuously (whilst repairing a boiler).
-  Paid on-line for a different PCN (keep separate files one each one you get).
-  Blue badge not on display.
-  Parked beyond paid for time (10 minutes grace now given).
-  Blue badge clock not properly set.
-  Broke down and car on footway (leave it in the road).
-  On a single yellow line without realising you are in a CPZ.

So there we have it, a week in which the council won more than they lost but I won't be typing that very often and the council have extra workload to deal with which will probably mean more Appeals not being contested in mid-June which makes this a good time to complete your PATAS form.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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