Sunday, 1 March 2015

PATAS - w/c 23 Feb 15 - on hire

Here are the statistics for this week. There are still more Appeals coming out of Barnet than there should be and the motorist is still doing better than average so the council are losing both ways and clearly backing the wrong horses.

Barnet London % Status
New Appeals 40 863 5 Higher than normal

Won Out of %
Cases heard 19 26 73 Higher than normal

I noticed 5 Appeals in one day where it was accepted by the council at the last moment that the vehicle was on hire and so the PCN can be transferred to the driver. The exception is bus lane PCN where the hire agreement is for 6 months or less which the hire company are stuck with. The council know the rules and should not try and bluff the hire company into paying as it also wastes the fees which have to be paid to PATAS.

In one case the driver returned to his car which prompted the traffic warden to walk away and then send a PCN in the post. that is not acceptable behaviour. The traffic warden has to stay there, continue with the PCN and serve it and it is only if physically restrained or if the car leaves that a postal PCN can then be issued. The PCN in question has now been cancelled.

A car that had part of its wheel outside a bay in the Lodge Lane Car park, but next to a skip, was held to have only committed a trivial offence with which the law does not concern itself, saw the PCN cancelled. It is guidance that a whole wheel should be outside of a bay before a PCN is issued.

You are doing a good job of providing more appeals than the average London Borough sees and getting better results. well done Barnetonians (& visitors).

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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