Tuesday, 17 March 2015

PATAS - w/c 9 March 15 - moving on

Here are the stats for the most recent week at PATAS:

Barnet London % Status
New Appeals 52 1110 5 Higher than normal

Won Out of %
Cases heard 23 34 68 Higher than normal

The number of new appeals got over 1,100 for the first time this year. Perhaps this is a sign of spring when more traffic wardens come out to play?

Motorists in Barnet continued to find it worth the effort to contest their PCN.

There were 4 notable cases:

1.   Footway parking in Victoria Rd, NW4 is not enforced so this PCN was cancelled.

2.   An Uber driver was moved on by a traffic warden who then proceeded to send him a PCN in the post which wasn't cricket. It has been cancelled.

T3.   The car was moving at the time the photos were taken. The motorist said they were turning around, not parking. Another cancelled PCN.

4.   An adjudicator said that motorists do not have to research match days in advance, they may not even know there is a stadium somewhere near where they are driving to. It is the signs that, legally, count. The PCN has been cancelled.

Keep those challenges flowing. It's usually worth the effort.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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