Sunday, 22 February 2015

PATAS - w/c 16 Feb 15 - Reversing the PCN

or a traffic warden
This week's statistics

Barnet London % Status
New Appeals 48 960 5 Higher than normal

Won Out of %
Cases heard 29 43 67 Higher than normal

There were three cases that the motorist won which were of interest.

1.  Someone was not parked but only reversing, the adjudicator could see brake lights in the photos.

2.  A motorist paid £7.20 to park but used the wrong bay code. A PCN was given for code 16 "Parked in a permit space or zone without clearly displaying a valid permit" which is clearly not the contravention that was committed, so the PCN was cancelled.

3.  A workman was delivering tools (for which of course there won't be any paperwork which usually freaks the council out, their inability to double check what a motorist says) and my experience is that workmen can't manage with just a bicycle, hammer and screwdriver these days. The PCN was cancelled. The workman must have been a clear and truthful witness.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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