Wednesday, 7 January 2015

PATAS - Twixmas + 1

I didn't expect much to be happening at PATAS during this time as the staff and adjudicators deserve a break and who wants to be dealing with parking tickets between Xmas and the New Year? oh yes, councils everywhere as traffic wardens were on the streets as usual.

Adjudicators were off with the odd reported case probably being just a delayed date posting until 2 January when normal service resumed. back office staff processed new Appeals as they are time sensitive and there was a surge in cases from Barnet for some unaccountable reason. Of the 676 new Appeals lodged between Monday 29 Dec and Friday 2 Jan some 60 of them, that is 9%, came from Barnet. Barnet Council only issue 4% of the PCN issued in London and Appeals were therefore twice as numerous at Twixmas than they ought to have been.

There were 13 Appeals decided upon and 9 went the way of the motorist. That is 69% and means that, on the average, it is always worth appealing.

Have a happy 2015 and keep out of the way of traffic wardens.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance.

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