Sunday, 16 November 2014

PATAS - w/c 27 Oct 14 - down, down, down

(Duck) down
In this week at PATAS there were 1,040 new Appeals registered for the whole of London. Of those, only 21 were Barnet cases which is half the number that one would expect as Barnet always used to account for 4% of all PCN issued in London, i.e. about 165,000. Now either Barnet are now issuing far fewer PCN, which does not seem likely, or they have wised up & accept more formal representations particularly on cases they know they are going to lose. By doing this they save £40 per PCN and a whole lot of work.

Of the 59 Barnet cases actually heard motorists won 38 of them which is 64% and that is the statistic which the council will attack next and try to win more of their cases, all of them is their target. You are all going to have to sharpen up.

There were 5 cases of note:

1.   In Woodside Grove there is a time plate missing it seems.

2.   In New Way Rd NW9 the foot way parking bays are too vague to enforce.

3.   A suspension sign was mounted on a traffic cone which of course can be moved by any motorist who wants wants to park where it was placed. In fact the best thing to do would be to place it temporarily in your boot, that would make it hard to enforce!

4.   No proof was provided of when a suspension sign was erected.

5.   No cctv was provided despite a request by PATAS.

Those five PCN were cancelled.

Now you know that more arguments are accepted earlier I expect to see you all challenging more PCN.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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