Wednesday, 1 October 2014

PATAS - w/c 15 September 14 - clock watching

Parking tickets can be alarming
In this week at PATAS there were 1,022 Appeals logged across London. Of those 54 came from Barnet which is 5% against the 4% they should be.

47 Appeals were heard and 33 of them were in favour of the motorist. I cannot remember the last time that the council won more than 50% and this means that all motorists really should Appeal to PATAS rather than taking up the 50% offer which is there to tempt you into paying. As long as motorists win more than 50% on average it means that motorists as a pool are better off by challenging to the end rather than paying up. You may be the one paying 100% but that is a reasonable sacrifice on your part for the greater good. The council have to pay c.£40 for every appeal to take place so the costs of this tribunal are at least £100,000 for the costs of the hearing centre as well as paying 45p per PCN issued which is another £74,250 p.a. The more that people appeal the lower the incentive for councils to issue PCN like confetti.

There were three cases worth telling you about.

1.  A PCN for code 30 given to a blue badge holder whose time clock was wrongly set (parked for longer than permitted) should have been for code 01 (on a yellow line) as there was no evidence they had exceeded the time allowed.

2.  A motorist was described as a tall white male by the traffic warden. The motorist turned up at PATAS, had an Indian name and probably wasn't white. The PCN was cancelled.

3.  One car was picked out from a line of them in Victoria Road for pavement parking. It is unusual but the lack of PCN on other cars was taken into account when cancelling this one. The decision may not have told the whole story. Keep off the pavement unless you can clearly park there due to a marked bay being present.

Keep those Appeals coming. The PATAS form is the work of a few minutes to complete.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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