Thursday, 18 September 2014

PATAS - w/c 25 August - stolen car

Another quiet week at PATAS as it was one day short due to the Monday being a Bank Holiday.

There were 899 new Appeals filed for the whole of London of which 47 came from Barnet and that is a run rate of 5% which is higher than the 4% they should represent. Something is going wrong in parking in Barnet.

There were only 25 Barnet appeals heard and of those 14 were good for the motorist so they won 56% of the time, slightly above average.

There are 4 I want to tell you about. the first 3 PCN were cancelled, the final one was upheld.

A nurse practitioner won her appeal inside the Saracens zone. The council really should cut district nurse types some slack as they are doing a valuable job in the community.

Another motorist was told on the phone that their PCN would be cancelled. The adjudicator believed them and therefore made the council do what they said they would do. When you phone up a about a parking ticket you are talking to Capita not NSL and only NSL or the council itself can press the cancellation button. I recommend you tape all your calls to the parking line.

NSL excelled themselves yet again. The DVD they sent of a supposed bus lane contravention was for the wrong car.

A man who had his car stolen with the PCN inside it wanted to pay 50% and was denied. What should have happened is that the unfortunate motorist should have phoned up the parking section with his car registration number and asked for the PCN number and then he could have paid it at the 50% reduced rate.

Keep filing those Appeals.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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