Tuesday, 23 September 2014

PATAS - w/c 1 September 14 - 50cm

Another quiet week with fewer than 1,000 new cases across London being registered at PATAS, 935 in fact of which 48, that is 5%, were from Barnet. The Barnet share should only be 4% as that is the percentage of PCN across London that they give out. The extra Appeals imply a greater level of unhappiness with PCN issue.

There were 48 Barnet cases heard this week of which 28, that is 53%, were won. That is Barnet Council's (NSL's) best result for some time but is merely a blip as the following week they lose far more cases than they win.

There are 5 things I want to tell you.

Three PCN were upheld as all of the car was more than 50cm from the kerb. This is how double parking is measured (the traffic warden does it by eye though and could easily be wrong) and it now gets used to generate money from untidy parking. You can park badly, although it is better if you don't, as long as a part of your car is within 50cm of the kerb. That might be a corner of the car or a wing mirror (not the door once opened as some wag recently suggested).

A PCN for a suspended bay was cancelled as the Traffic Management Order said it had to be cancelled by a policeman in uniform. It was only in August 14 that the sign in use was authorised by the Secretary of State so challenge all earlier PCN.

The abbreviations used by the traffic warden when giving you a PCN were not explained and so that PCN was cancelled.

Another PCN was cancelled as the informal challenge (the one in response to the PCN itself) was not responded to. In another case, the formal representations (in response to the Notice to Owner) were not responded to and again the PCN was cancelled.

A car was found to have been cloned. A simple factual matter like that should not end up at PATAS.

Keep those Appeals coming. The system is definitely creaking.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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