Wednesday, 13 August 2014

PATAS - w/c 7 July 14 - when not in Rome

parking like this is fine in Italy, just not in England
In this week at PATAS there were 1,166 new Appeals registered (the same as the previous week, which is some coincidence) of which 65 (that is 6%) were Barnet ones as against 55 the previous week and what should, other things being equal, only be 4%.

A PCN was upheld for parking a scooter on the pavement. To the many visitors form the continent it must be a terrible shock to be given a PCN for something which is quite normal at home. In barnet you can park your 2 wheeler for free in Residents and PayByPhone bays and in car parks and you are meant to park in a car space rather than hide in a quiet corner.

A PCN was cancelled as the council insisted on writing to the wrong address despite being asked in bold print to write to a different one.

In Egerton Gardens, bang opposite Hendon Town hall, there is a PayByPhone bay which operates Monday to Saturday inclusive. Someone parked in it on a Saturday having noticed they had driven into a Monday to Friday CPZ. This is illogical but possible and legal. Don't pay to park on a Saturday if the residents bays do not apply that day, park in the residents bays for free. Their PCN was upheld which was correct.

Someone who didn't get a permit reminder had their PCN cancelled. This is not a guaranteed outcome but should be. There are going to be lots more cases like this since Capita took over permit renewals in May 14 and it appears to be in a complete state.

Keep those appeals coming. 44 out of 68 were won. That is 65%

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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