Wednesday, 2 July 2014

PATAS w/c 9 June 2014 - 78% win rate

In this particular week at PATAS there were 1,201 new Appeals registered of which 50, that is 4%, came from Barnet which was, for once, the percentage that you would expect. The peak in Appeals looks to have abated for now.

There were 4 PCN worth a mention.

In Bells Hill the signage on a single yellow line, which for some bizarre reason, operates until late at night and is a favourite trap spot of scooterised traffic wardens, was found to be "not very effective". That is because the sign is around the bend in a side turning and cannot be seen from your car.

A person who displayed their blue badge got a PCN notwithstanding. This was because the traffic warden managed to only photograph part of the windscreen which did not contain the Blue Badge. Don't get a traffic warden to take your wedding photographs as the bride or the groom will be missing from shot. This was, of course, a genuine accident which I have seen happen several times before.

Yew Grove was found to be not clearly marked. I see to recall having seen that location in this blog recently. You know what to do, appeal.

Gervase Rd is a regular feature at PATAS as the road is marked out for pavement parking but all of the necessary signs are not in place and people go astray and park, perfectly safely, with 2 wheels on the kerb where markings are not provided. Usually  the PCN gets cancelled due to lack of clarity but in a very unusual move a Review was requested of a decision lost at that location and the PCN now has to be paid. Just remember that within 14 days of an Appeal decision either party can ask for a Review and although there are usually only about 50 such requests a year your winning case could suddenly be a losing case. I wonder if this motorist had been especially upsetting in some way to NSL or the council?

Keep those appeals coming. the odds are certainly in your favour.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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