Thursday, 29 May 2014

PATAS - w/c 19 May - Council lose 0-30 on Saracens

Last week at PATAS saw 74 Appeals of which 58 were won by the motorist, a conversion rate of 78% so well worth filling in that simple Appeal form.

There will be many more reports towards the end of June as this week saw 1,298 new Appeals registered of which Barnet were 136 of them i.e. 10% of them despite only issuing 4% of all PCN in London. The reason for this is, most probably, that whilst the enforcement software was being changed there weren't any Notices of Rejection of Representations going out and now there has been a flood of them.

There were four notable things during this week.

1. A traffic warden managed to not photograph the part of the windscreen which had the blue badge in it. Result: a cancelled PCN.

2. An adjudicator consolidated over 30 Appeals against PCN in the Saracens zone, and save for one review case which he left untouched as refused, he cancelled every other PCN in front of him and gave a thorough analysis of what is wrong with the zone.

3. There were a dozen cases which the council did not contest, again probably because they were too busy changing the software over.

4. A regular appealer for parking in Nursery Walk was paid costs of £36 for each of 8 PCN because the Traffic Management Order and the sign in place do not agree with each other.

Keep those Appeals flowing.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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