Tuesday, 6 May 2014

PATAS - post Easter week

A quiet week for new Appeals being lodged with only 18 out of 906 being from Barnet. So only 2% against the norm of 4% and a quiet week for PATAS overall with fewer than 1000 new cases. The dip from Barnet is due to the changeover to new software. There will be a surge once they crank it up to full speed.

There were 48 allowed Appeals and 12 refused so that is a 80% success rate for the motorist (there were also 2 witness statement cases which I tend not to count).

Reasons for successful appeals this week were:

  • The police pushed the car onto the pavement.
  • Barnet Council / NSL did not reply to PATAS.
  • Vehicle broken down and there was an AA report.
  • The PCN had been paid within 14 days (should never have got this far)
  • The council's Evidence Pack was late (NSL produce them)
  • The motorist did not prevent service (which requires the use of force)
  • Redundant worn out disabled bays at Hadley Highstone which are scheduled for proper removal.
  • Had paid for parking.
  • A Solicitor with impeccable records had not received the Notice of Rejection.
  • A 14 May 2012 PCN (it should have been written off)
So a good week, if a little quiet, but that will soon change.

Keep those appeals going in.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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