Tuesday, 28 January 2014

PATAS - w/c 20 January 14 - an average week

This week was so average that I have one page missing out of the notes that I took about it. I can't remember any notable cases though and the page will turn up in another file one day. One case was referred back to be looked at again by the council with a view to cancelling, 33 PCN were upheld as payable and 63 were cancelled. So that is 66% won by the motorist. you see, it is worth filling out that Notice of Appeal. If you skip the optional box 5 it takes 3 or 4 minutes at most.

Really average reasons to have your PCN cancelled this week included:-

- the council denying you the boarding or alighting exemption but the adjudicator allowing it

- the PCN not having been handed to a female driver as the traffic warden noted, the driver was a male

- the Saracens Event Day sign not showing that you need 2 permits if you live within the ED zone and a residents zone

- a suspension not being proven (very common this one)

- a single yellow line being non-existent

- a PCN from May 12 being too old to pursue due to a delay of over 6 months between the Charge Certificate and the Order for Recovery

- the council didn't put the representations they had received in the evidence bundle

- dropping a child at a nursery and being away from the car for a short while - I wonder if any of the clerks at NSL actually have children?

- a description of Station Rd being found wanting as there are 6 in Barnet (this only works when you don't find the PCN on your windscreen)

- a dropped kerb in Bulwer Rd not having been dropped to the level of the road

- someone driving away is not "preventing" the traffic warden from issuing the PCN so one shouldn't be sent by post

- actually these ones were not average. Vehicle taken without consent receives 23 PCN. The first 3 have been in front of the adjudicator and cancelled.

- ran out of fuel was allowed (it isn't usually) because the vehicle was in the hands of a garage and the fuel gauge was faulty

- the motorist was helping their disabled sister upstairs. You can't just leave them on the pavement if they need help and you need the car near to where you are going.

- the PayByPhone app got the blame for not changing a registration number back.

- attending a breakdown of another car.

That's it. Another week in which about 3% of the week's PCNs made it to PATAS. Any advance on 3%?, can we get it to 5% by the end of 2014?

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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