Monday, 20 January 2014

PATAS - w/c 13 Jan 2014 - Gross!

What a week. There was a gross of decided appeals (+1 referred back with a recommendation) and for the younger readers, a gross is not in this context something revolting but the number 144 or 12 dozen, a number in which goods used to be sold to shops.

If this were kept up every week then 4.5% of all PCN would be appealed. That would cause a bit of a flap in the back office.

Now there were some common cases.

21 cases from 2011 (and a few from 2012, it is 2014 now after all) led to 21 cancelled PCNs due to the difficulty in providing a fair trial (Article 6 of the Human Rights Act) for what happened all that time ago.

In 23 cases the council decided not to contest the appeal, known by me as throwing in the towel. This was probably due to the Xmas holidays getting in the way of work.

And then there were the one off cases.

A bus stop was worn and unclear so that motorist had a lucky escape. Bus stops are for buses, if you don't have one, keep out.

One poor person got 2 PCN as the parking bay was painted around his car whilst he was parked. it sounds like a music hall joke but it isn't funny if it happens to you. Fortunately when put to proof as to when the bay was installed the council can never come up with any paperwork and thus the decision goes the way of the motorist. It's a right faff though to have to appeal.

Another motorist paid in a shop and spoke to the traffic warden about the payment he had made. The PCN he still got was cancelled as it would be ridiculous to do anything else once proof of on time payment was provided.

In a case of parking in a residents bay with an expired permit, only 4 days out of date, the motorist was bang to rights but luckily the section of the Traffic Management Order produced by the council was the wrong one and so they hadn't proceed the contravention had occurred and that PCN was cancelled.

The visitors permit which had been placed in the driver's window was not photographed by the traffic warden. Oversight or deliberate omission, who can say but we can say the PCN is now cancelled.

There was a printer problem in the permit section a couple of months ago. Motorists were told what to put in their windscreen and of course traffic wardens ignored the note and issued a PCN. PATAS cancelled it as the story just had to be true.

A section of what the council think is footway in Bunns Lane had been parked on for 30 years without previous trouble. The PCN was cancelled. You must always be careful to avoid what is clearly footway for the use of pedestrians.

The ambiguous lines painted near the Montessori School in Rectory Lane led to another PCN being cancelled.

Dropping off your pregnant wife shouldn't be cause for a PCN. The adjudicators at PATAS are more sensible and sensitive than some faceless NSL employee in Croydon so that was another PCN cancelled.

A deaf person asked a traffic warden for help about whether they needed to use the 3 digit security code on the back of the credit card when texting payment. The traffic warden said not which was the incorrect answer. Thus the deaf person didn't pay and then got a PCN.  Their appeal was heard clearly by PATAS and the PCN was cancelled.

Well done to all 144 of you. Will that number stand as the record for 2014? Keep looking here to find out and keep those appeals going.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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