Monday, 16 December 2013

PATAS - w/c 9 Dec 13 - 104 cases

What a busy week. 55 PCN were cancelled, 48 were upheld and one is in limbo whilst the council to decide if they will follow the recommendation to cancel. A 53% win rate, which is lower than usual.
Some of the PCN were cancelled for the following reasons: 
  • the council were unable to show sufficient records about what was paid for by phone
  • there was no proof it was an event day (3 times)
  • council evidence was uncertain in 2 separate cases
  • a PCN from 19/4/11 was too old to pursue
  • an offence that lasted more than 24 hours was treated as one continuous offence
  • a suspension sign written in ink was washed away
  • unloading
  • the vehicle in the bus lane was an 8 seater (don't rely on this one)
  • there hadn't been an offer of violence before a driveaway that led to a postal PCN
  • a car with a for sale sign within it is not committing an offence
  • the evidence pack was sent to the wrong address
  • the case summary was not of assistance
  • a 9 seater in the bus lane (3 times - still don't rely on this)
  • unclear photographs and no other real evidence
  • sign obscured by bins
  • foot way not obviously dropped for one of the usual 3 reasons
So this week turned out to be about the same for motorists as if everyone had paid the 50% within the first 14 days although the council had to spend £4,000 in fees to PATAS who manage the adjudication process so they were definitely worse off. If you had missed the 14 days in which to pay the 50% then you as a motorist might as well always take your case to PATAS as it is just a question of a simple form to complete which might lead to you paying £nil if you win and the full amount of the ticket if you lose which you were by then liable for in any event.
If in doubt, appeal.
Yours appealingly
Miss Feezance

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