Tuesday, 30 July 2013

PATAS - w/c 22 July 2013

A bus lane but no bus
Another fairly typical week at PATAS led to 39 parking tickets being cancelled ("canx") and 36 being upheld.
In a bus lane case from 2012 there wasn't any cctv evidence. I wonder if it has all been stored properly or if room was needed on the hard disks for more recent footage? The problem in this case was also that a Charge Certificate was issued a month after the appeal was scheduled at PATAS and nothing further should have been done for the council. This alone was enough to cancel the PCN.
A bay wasn't reinstated after roadworks and so without lines PCNs should not have been issued at that location. PCN canx.
A PCN was issued to someone which related to the period before they owned the car. Why that wasn't sorted out without a PATAS hearing is a mystery. PCN canx.
In another location the Traffic Management Order that was produced and the local sign were for different times so the PCN was canx.
Someone had a sprained ankle and this was found to be compelling mitigation for the cancellation of their PCN. The adjudicator has a heart even if Barnet Council and NSL don't.
Near to Tally Ho there is a closed pub which is now a closed restaurant called Googoosh. It looks private with 3 spaces marked out for parking. The council issue parking tickets there but as this motorist had parked there for years without receiving a PCN he had a reasonable expectation he would not be ticketed and so his PCN was canx.
In a technical case a motorist parked on the pavement but partly outside of the lines. They were given a PCN for parking outside a parking bay but it isn't a parking bay in this situation so they should have been ticketed for pavement parking. Result, the PCN was canx.
The council failed to prove the signage for a 3 hour restriction and so that PCN was canx.
The description of some suspended bays was misleading and so the PCN was canx.
The adjudicator is getting rather bored with pointing out to the council that the signs in Nursery Walk and the Traffic Management Order do not agree with each other and he keeps cancelling PCN. He has suggested they fix the problem.
A case in which the council didn't deal with formal representations at all (they have to respond within 56 days) led to the PCN being canx.
I am not sure that enough appeals are being done. Could you appeal every ticket you get please. remember you can appeal 3 times, once informally in response to the PCN, once again on the same grounds when you get the Notice to owner and finally to PATAS when the council send you a Notice of Rejection of Representations. No doesn't always mean no when the council reject your appeal; the adjudicator might say it means yes. There is only one way to find out; appeal!
Yours appealingly
Miss Feezance

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