Thursday, 13 June 2013

A short week at PATAS - honours even

more or less evenly balanced
Monday the 27th May was a bank holiday and so there were no hearings that day. The number of hearings was down on the weekly average but still 45 for a week out of 168,000 parking tickets a year is still 1.4% which is a good rate and above the 1% norm. Together we can make it higher. I have aspirations to make it 5%

Reasons that 20 parking tickets were cancelled, include:

Collecting from Royal Mail
Not parked across the sloping kerb part of the dropped kerb or the lowered part.
Not in the bus stop as claimed.
Formal representations not properly considered (three cases).
No cctv of bus lane contravention (unusual as there should be)
Copy of PCN not the same as the original.
PCN not served and unloading in any event.
Time plate sign only 2 feet from the ground and easily obscured.
Towel thrown in by the council.
Not handed to driver as claimed.
Tax disk number incorrect.

Reasons why some 23 tickets were upheld:

Blue badge clock not displayed (a common error).
In the bus lane during hours of operation.
In goods vehicle bay when not a goods vehicle.
Parked in the middle of the road (only do this in a marked bay).
On the pavement (it isn't for cars unless so marked)
Didn't pay to park (two cases, really!)
In a disabled space without a blue badge.
Popped to the shops.
Failed to follow the appeal procedure (two cases).
On a single yellow line and didn't realise was in a CPZ (this happens a lot).
Parked in the bus stop.
Across a dropped kerb.
Nose bleed not a medical emergency.
Blue badge clock wrongly set.
Used the wrong kind of voucher.
Referred to the wrong sign.

In the following week the numbers go back up as does the success rate.

Keep those appeals coming. Once the discount period has gone there is nothing to lose by appealing.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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