Tuesday, 21 May 2013

PATAS - week starting 6 May - another drubbing

You will win more often at PATAS
In the week starting 6 May (although that day was a bank holiday) there were 62 appeals of which 44 (71%) were in favour of motorists who saw their parking tickets cancelled.
Cases of interest, all leading to cancelled parking tickets:
1. A vehicle registration error was ascribed to Verrus, the pay-by-phone provider; you know your registration after all!
2. No proof that a vehicle was observed for 15 minutes whilst using the loading bay in High Rd, N12 (during a time when it is a 15minute free bay not a loading bay).
3. A council photograph was enhanced by a technically competent friend of the motorist to show that the blue badge was on display. Truly a good friend.
4. A builder unloading his tools into a bank was allowed to take longer than in the normal situation because of security measures meaning extra time would be needed. Adjudicators are logical and sensible.
5. The council didn't properly consider the appeal.
6. Parking suspension signs were not well sited.
7. The council/NSL served the evidence pack at the wrong address.
8. Vehicle had a flat battery so was broken-down (running out of fuel is not a breakdown but operator error by the way).
9. The parking ticket had invalid wording (they all do from April 2008 prior to about 11 December 12).
10. The council/NSL didn't include "copies of the original representations" in the evidence pack.
11. A dropped kerb only served a flight of steps. It was not for access to a cycle track, to assist pedestrians to cross the road or leading to a driveway.
12. Another dropped kerb was really part of the carriageway itself.
13. A dropped kerb at the home of the motorist themselves. The adjudicator said "Barnet Council ought not to have pursued this alleged contravention". Costs of £32.99 were awarded against them. The law is that an unmarked dropped kerb serving only one private residence should not be enforced by the issue of parking tickets unless the householder asks for enforcement. If this happens to you, ask for proof that someone complained as it won't exist!

Keep those appeals coming.

Yours appealingly

Miss feezance

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