Thursday, 9 May 2013

PATAS week of 15 April - 65% to motorist

In the week starting Monday 15 April there were 69 cases at PATAS. I have left 2 aside as they were recommendations to Barnet Council and so are not yet fully decided. Of the remaining 67 cases, 37, some 65% led to parking tickets being cancelled. Cause for a glass of bubbly.
Interesting cases included:
A dropped kerb in Grahame Park Way has no purpose so you cannot get a valid parking ticket for parking across it. I think I have seen this location in the appeals register more than once. Why don't the council stop issuing tickets at a location that the adjudicator says is OK, it wouldn't be the money would it?
A parking ticket given out in College Terrace at 7pm was cancelled at there were not any street lights and it was not possible to read the signs.
My friend DK had her parking ticket for not displaying her blue badge cancelled as the windscreen was frosted over such that nothing could be discerned.
Another blue badge was being collected from the property for use by the disabled person and Barnet council / NSL did not give proper consideration to the representations (the appeal).
When put to proof of their pavement parking ticketing policy Barnet Council did not respond to the adjudicator so the parking ticket was cancelled.
A vehicle registration error on the pay-by-phone system was attributed to Verrus. That seems logical as you know your registration details and they don't so Verrus are more likely to make such an error. It would certainly be my argument.
In a classic error the certified copy PCN sent by Barnet Council acting by their agents NSL was completely blank. That meant the PCN was cancelled.
A case about whether the PCN was properly affixed to the windscreen.
In this case however I see from the photos taken by the officer that it is indeed highly questionable whether the Notice was in fact 'affixed' properly within the normal meaning.  The photo shows the Notice itself resting on the windscreen outside the protective plastic cover, which appears to have been used to stick it partially on the windscreen.  Clearly there is therefore insufficient adhesive to  secure the Notice and on this occasion I concur with the appellant's submission that service was not effective. (and I therefore cancel the parking ticket.)
You can't trust a traffic warden. Someone was collecting or delivering a parcel. They showed it to the traffic warden who walked on. the PCN arrived in the post. Naughty. It has now been cancelled. If you have been cheated, fight and complain.
How about paying by phone at 09:51 and getting a parking ticket at 09:50. It happened. It is now cancelled.
In Ballards Lane a PCN was issued for not being inside the bay but when dealing with the appeal they replied instead about the bay markings not being too worn and more the vehicle being more than 50cm from the edge of the road. That is a procedural impropriety which leads to the cancellation of the parking ticket.
In a similar case the council failed to consider the representations at all. Another parking ticket cancelled.
Please keep those appeals coming. The council & NSL really aren't very good at dealing with them.
Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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