Friday, 12 April 2013

Post Easter party time at PATAS

71% chocolate
In the slightly short week after Easter there were 28 appeals heard and of those 20 led to parking tickets being cancelled, a 71% success rate.
In a quarter of the cases the towel was thrown in.
There was a very naughty case in Hutton Grove. A motorist parked in a bay where there was not a sign on the bay so the warden calmly photographed the next bay along. The adjudicator is not easily fooled by such trickery and checked on google streetmap to see where the bay sign photograph was taken and that it was not where the car was parked. I do hope that motorist claims expenses.
In Stanhope Rd there was still a pay and display machine in November 2012 (I do hope we have not paid a fee for its removal) and unsurprisingly it wouldn't accept any money. The adjudicator would cancel the parking ticket though.
In a fascinating case someone had their credit ca5rd stolen. They rang Verrus for advice and were more or less told to park, not pay and appeal. The wrong advice was a good basis for appealing.
A bus lane sign was covered in graffiti and so the ticket was cancelled.
It was a very quiet week. Please keep on appealing and increase the volume of appeals for future weeks.
Have I mentioned that I am a friend of Mr Mustard? He has written a short guide to appealing. You can download it here.
Yours appealingly
Miss Feezance

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