Tuesday, 19 February 2013

3/5 still OK

Not as good a week as last week but still worth the time and trouble to fill out the simple form for PATAS. There were 47 appeals and 28 parking tickets were cancelled. Notable cases as follows:
Car supposedly next dropped kerb. The council evidence was described as "poor and uncertain", it is NSL who produce this evidence under a One Barnet contract. Parking ticket cancelled.
An unwell driver was not on the section of yellow line shown in the library photograph. If you are to be pursued for a parking ticket the least you would expect to see is an actual real photograph of where your car was. Ticket cancelled.
In a case where there was a single yellow line next to a zigzag the adjudicator suggested the council should put up a sign to make the position clear as the yellow line might operate for different times to the zigzags. Ticket cancelled.
Although the appeal was refused the adjudicator suggested to the council that they should cancel a parking ticket in respect of a now redundant dropped kerb in Leeside Crescent and consider removing the lowered kerb itself to prevent furrier confusion.
In Ambrose Avenue a CPZ sign was at 90degress to where it should have been and thus not visible when driving so the parking ticket was cancelled.
Will traffic wardens say anything to slap a ticket on your car? The traffic warden said the lady motorist returned with shopping and that he handed her the ticket. She said certainly not to both, she was trying to pay when the warden appeared. the lady was believed and her parking ticket was cancelled.
It was a wet day and the fuse for the windscreen wipers failed. The motorist went to a shop to buy another one and got a parking ticket. He didn't get a receipt as the item was only £1 and that didn't matter as the adjudicator believed him. If you are claiming breakdown a receipt is handy but the truth is just as good. Parking ticket cancelled.
There seems to have been a Data Protection failure as the evidence pack, which goes to PATAS and the motorist, contained evidence about another motorist. That was enough for the PCN to be cancelled.
A parking ticket for parking next to a dropped kerb in Oakleigh Road North (quite a long road) was cancelled because the location only said "outside Tesco express" and there were no photos. All too vague.

Keep those appeals going.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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