Friday, 18 January 2013

NSL's New Year's Resolution? - Don't do it

The first week of the New Year at PATAS and 29 cases are listed. In 13 of them the parking ticket is cancelled by Order of the Adjudicator which is usually because the evidence pack has not arrived from the council, acting by their agent NSL. Was this because it was more profitable to close their back office for the festive period or was it their usual standard of work?
Four of the other cases which led to parking tickets being cancelled were as follows:
A motorist drove off when a traffic warden appeared as they were trying to pay on the phone. It would seem that the motorist didn't trust the traffic warden and they were absolutely correct as a parking ticket was still issued. there were however no photos and that told against the traffic warden.
Another motorist had paid by phone and the council had not produced good records so that led to a cancelled ticket.
In the case of Mr J the independent adjudicator said of the rejection letter "an overt failure to adequately identify/rebut" (arguments) that it contains "obviously copied and pasted paragraphs" and was "littered with inaccuracies and nonsensical statements". Look Barnet Council how your reputation is being damaged.
Finally two separate and different versions of the Penalty Charge Notice were produced as accurate copies in the one case. That was enough for the adjudicator to cancel the parking ticket.
If we carry on like this in 2013 I can see the number of appeals to PATAS just rising upwards. Do your bit. Appeal that parking ticket.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance.

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