Thursday, 31 January 2013

Another good week for motorists at PATAS

In the week commencing 14 January 2013 it is clear that NSL hadn't got the sausage machine which is parking tickets back even into second gear which is where it spends most of its time. Of the 41 cases heard by PATAS, the independent adjudicator, 29 resulted in victory for the motorist.
Eleven cases were "cancelled by Order of the Adjudicator" which usually means that either no evidence arrived from NSL or the towel was thrown in at the last minute. How many more motorists would win if they could be bothered to do the paperwork?
There are still problems with tickets issued after dark. In one case in Athenaeum Rd in Whetstone, which seems to be a favourite of some traffic wardens, the adjudicator said "The photos are of such poor quality I can not tell where the vehicle was". So, it is worth your while to look on the council website to see if the photos support the council's case.
In a cracking case of alleged non-payment of the parking charge the evidence served on the adjudicator supported the motorist's case. A spectacular own gaol which resulted in the cancellation of the parking ticket. Anyone would think that NSL don't look at paperwork properly.
A motorist paid for a location on the other side of the road and the adjudicator said they would not normally be sympathetic but Barnet's information about signage is inadequate so the parking ticket was cancelled.
In trying to reject an appeal by a businessman Barnet Council (NSL) used an invalid argument. This alone was enough to cancel the parking ticket as the council have a duty to be fair and telling people they have no grounds of appeal when they do is hardly fair.
When you phone up for a dispensation did you know that it is only the next morning that traffic wardens know about it. Everyone knows that if you ask for a dispensation you are likely to want it now, not tomorrow. The council argued that the dispensation was for the next day. The adjudicator said that their scheme notes are inadequate so the parking ticket was cancelled.
The council decided to cancel a ticket at the last minute for parking across a dropped kerb in Trinder Rd. That will be the famous honey spot dropped kerb, just after double yellow lines near Barnet Hospital, that has snared hundreds of motorists.
In a case of there being no permit on display a traffic warden photographed all sides of the car except the one which contained the permit. The adjudicator sees through such cynical behaviour and cancels the parking ticket.
The council got the vehicle registration number wrong so the parking ticket was cancelled.
In the second example of this the council claimed that the motorist moved the vehicle before taking their own photographs. This is a bit rich when they didn't take any photos themselves. The parking ticket was cancelled.

You can see that being bothered to got hrough all 3 of the appeal stages would be time well spent. Don't let the council saying no put you off, they just want your money.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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