Tuesday, 18 December 2012

PATAS - taken to the (dry) cleaners

This is one place people go to avoid parking tickets. We will miss our High Streets when they are gone.
The week starting 10 December was a quiet one at PATAS for some reason with 19 parking tickets cancelled and 6 upheld.

The Monday started with 2 parking tickets cancelled by order of the adjudicator. This usually means that NSL have not bothered to send in the evidence packs on behalf of Barnet Council.
An interesting case in Wildwood Road. The dropped kerb has not been lowered far enough to meet the carriageway so the parking ticket was cancelled.
A loading exemption was allowed for a person who was loading a suit, 4 shirts and a pair of trousers from the dry cleaners. This was described as a marginal case which it was although that dry cleaning is a slippery beast to handle and you don't want to get it all dirty by accidentally brushing against something. Usually anything that you are loading has to be heavy, bulky or somehow awkward to handle thus forcing the necessity of being near to your loading point.
Tuesday saw one case cancelled by order.
Another 4 cases on Wednesday cancelled by order and then 7 more on Thursday. What are we paying NSL for exactly?
On Friday there was an interesting case about the wording of a parking ticket for being in a loading bay as it did not refer to goods vehicle as being the allowed class. Parking tickets must be tightly worded if they are to succeed. This one was cancelled.

Only one more week to Christmas. Be careful around Christmas as some restrictions are still enforced. See the council website for details.

Keep those appeals coming.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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