Tuesday, 20 November 2012

PATAS - 40-14 to the motorist - week starting 12 Nov

Just another normal week at PATAS.  On Monday 4 parking tickets were cancelled by Order of the Adjudicator (lack of evidence is the usual cause) and 3 were cancelled as there were inadequate notes by the traffic warden and no photographs. The only case that was lost was because a car was in a loading bay for lorries. Do not park your car in a loading bay.

This sign with the sack barrow means "lorries only"
On Tuesday there were 6 non-contested cases and the Adjudicator ordered all 6 parking tickets to be cancelled.
On Wednesday another 6 parking tickets were cancelled by Order of the Adjudicator so clearly NSL are not yet up to the job. Two more were cancelled because the Penalty Charge Notice was not produced which is more or less the same problem. One case that was lost by the motorist when they were at their doctors undergoing a minor procedure which ran over by 11 minutes. The council / NSL asked to see proof which was provided but then they still wanted the parking ticket to be paid - why ask for proof then if you are going to ignore it?
There was the usual collection of people wanting to pay 50% when too late, cases without photographs, parking tickets not handed to the driver as alleged, a blue badge clock not displayed and a de minimis (i.e. very little) overhang of a dropped kerb.
Thursday 15 saw 5 parking tickets cancelled by Order. A parking ticket issued in 1 minute where there wasn't a note of the tax disc number or any photographs was cancelled and there were 4 cases where the Adjudicator was not satisfied that the parking ticket was served and so it was cancelled.
You can now learn some traffic warden shorthand. HTD = Handed to driver. In this case they were loading fruit and veg and the adjudicator was not satisfied that the parking ticket was handed over so he cancelled the ticket.
Friday was a quieter day with only 5 cases. Interestingly, liability for a bus lane fine is not passed to the hirer under a hire agreement. The hire car company has to pay it and then try to recover their money. There was a cloned vehicle, these cases don't usually make it as far as PATAS. In another case which really should not have got as far as PATAS the lady motorist had permission to park across the dropped kerb.
The week finished with 1 case on the Saturday in which the adjudicator was not satisfied that the parking ticket had been served.
Keep those appeals going in. They are worth every penny of the fee that you don't pay. They cost you nothing.
Yours appealingly
Miss Feezance

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