Tuesday, 2 October 2012

PATAS - 17 to 22 September - another drubbing

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Yes, the score this week at PATAS was Barnet Motorists 22, Barnet Council 6. Another right drubbing for the council / NSL. The predicted score in a 28 goal game is 14 apiece.
Monday 17th saw four parking tickets cancelled by the Adjudicator for lack of evidence. The two refused appeals were of someone parking on the part of the crossover which leads to their property but that is still the road which seems harsh as they are out of the way. In future they will drive all of the way in. The other lost appeal was someone who claimed to have permission to park across the dropped kerb (which is OK outside of a CPZ) but they didn't produce a letter. Do so next time and you should be fine.
Tuesday 18th saw an appeal allowed whereby a Business Permit was displayed in a bay that said it was for Permit Holders (presumably just residents but signage must be clear and unambiguous). The council's evidence was uncertain hence the finding in favour of the motorist.
Another appeal was allowed that day where the motorist said they displayed a Visitor Voucher and the traffic warden did not photograph the sides of the vehicle despite claiming to have observed for 12 minutes.
The only lost case was withdrawn by the motorist who had parked across a dropped kerb.
Wednesday 19th was not the finest hour of Barnet Council / NSL. There was what was described as a catalogue of errors of dates and times. An email was even sent to an incorrect email address. Such incompetents.
Another bad case that day (except for the motorist) was because the council / NSL submitted evidence about the wrong car to PATAS. They were described as too quick to issue a ticket to a man getting a voucher from a house (I think we have all heard similar stories) and dates were described as all over the place.. The Notice of Rejection was sent after the 56 days were up. The council / NSL get 56 days in which to deal with formal objections. If they fail, you win. Keep on banging those formal appeals in, the ones you send in response to the Notice to Owner.
On Thursday 20th three parking tickets were cancelled by Order of the Adjudicator and another one because there were not enough photographs.
Friday 21st was a complete washout. Five parking tickets were cancelled by order of the Adjudicator. Barnet Council and NSL between them are a disaster.
Finally on Saturday 22nd two appeals were allowed by Order of the Adjudicator and one more because the Adjudicator was not satisfied that the parking ticket was properly served.
What this litany of woe tells you is that it pays to do the paperwork for the 3 appeals which may be necessary to get your parking ticket cancelled.
An informal appeal where you ask for the ticket to be cancelled.
A formal appeal which can simply repeat the reasons you gave earlier.
If that is rejected it costs you nothing to appeal to PATAS so why not give it a go. You have a 50% or more chance of winning (78% won this week)

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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