Thursday, 25 October 2012

Are NSL even trying to perform at PATAS?

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In the week which started on Monday 15th October the cases which PATAS adjudicated upon finished with 51 parking tickets cancelled and 13 upheld. I am starting to think that NSL can't be bothered.
There were 28 cases where no evidence was submitted or where the Adjudicator ordered the cancellation of the ticket which is likely to be for lack of evidence.
The interesting cases included one where a parking ticket was issued for offering goods for sale from a vehicle. However it was the vehicle which was for sale so the ticket was cancelled as the Adjudicator felt this was too strict a reading of the applicable law as otherwise every sign written van would have to be ticketed.
I would be wary of trusting a traffic warden. He told one motorist she was lucky and went on his way and then later claimed he had served a ticket on her. She lost her appeal.
One motorist stood in front of the traffic warden so that the vehicle could not be photographed. There was no photograph showing a parking ticket stuck to the windscreen. The time plate photograph was at 45 degrees and so not clear. The bay and map and time plate were not clear relative to one another so the parking ticket was cancelled.
A motorist who paid for bay 9323 instead of 9324 was unlucky. This is mitigation which the Adjudicator does not deal with. Thoroughly mean spirited of the council though as there has obviously been an insignificant administrative error by the motorist.
My favourite appeal is the one which was allowed and where the Adjudicator said "The council's case appears to be in a state of hopeless disarray".
In another confused case the motorist was in a loading bay but received a parking ticket for being in a disabled parking bay. Thus, the parking ticket was cancelled.
Keep those appeals coming. There looks to be a more than evens chance that if you take your appeal all the way to PATAS you will get your ticket cancelled.
Yours appealingly
Miss Feezance

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