Tuesday, 25 September 2012

PATAS 3 - 8 September - a 3 hour observation period!

Final score: 9-3
9 - 3 was also the final score for Motorists v Barnet Council at PATAS in the week commencing 3 September. The pundits put the match down as a score draw as that is historically the usual result but as one team forgets to send in its team sheet most of the team, or can't remember where they put it, that leaves the goal open for the other player (motorist)
On the 3rd two tickets were cancelled by Order of the Adjudicator. That usually means that the council / NSL failed to provide their paperwork.
On the 6th there were another two instances of this. The other case that day is quite funny as the traffic warden says he observed the car for 3 hours and the rejection letter was a pro-forma template which ignored the points made (not so funny that part).
On the 7th an appeal was allowed as the Council / NSL failed to produce a copy of the PCN.
Another ticket was issued after 2 minutes on a single yellow but the driver denies being there and there are no photographs. The appeal was allowed.
Another appeal Allowed by Order (do you see a pattern here?)
Another appeal allowed where there was a loading bay and double yellow lines which was described as ripe for confusion. The photographs were taken at night and were "very poor" according to the Adjudicator.
In one case that was lost the Adjudicator was recommending that the council allow the appeal (the Adjudicator didn't have the power to do so) on the grounds that the penalty was too harsh (but not contrary to the legislation).
Another week when the council and/or NSL failed to properly meet the needs of the tribunal and thus less tickets were paid by motorists than would normally be the case.
It is clear that it is worth putting in an appeal on any grounds you can think of as there is a strong chance that the paperwork will not be properly dealt with and your parking ticket will be squashed.
Yours appealingly
Miss Feezance

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