Tuesday, 11 September 2012

PATAS - 28 to 31 August - Bank Holiday Blues

Monday was a bank holiday. PATAS still listed 16 Barnet Council cases for hearings. 15 of them went the way of the motorist. Possibly the worst week for Barnet Council / NSL since NSL took over on 1 May.
Interesting cases.
28th - A lady displayed a visitor voucher in her car by 7.30am in the car park in Brent St near Hendon Town Hall. This car park is for Residents. The voucher was missed by the traffic warden. The appeal was allowed because the vouchers say to display in the window nearest the kerb and there are no kerbs in the car park! The traffic warden did not photograph the passenger side window and this was another case where the parking ticket had gone missing from the windscreen of the car.
29th - No fewer than 6 appeals were allowed, and the parking tickets cancelled, by Order of the Adjudicator which means that Barnet Council / NSL between them had not produced the necessary paperwork.
30th - A motorist appealed as they were helping a disabled passenger (see what a scummy council we have who don't make allowances for those who have suffered misfortune) and the time for setting down must include getting them to their front door (an Adjudicator with compassion and commonsense) and also their shopping which is classed as unloading. In addition the Parking Ticket was not given to them so it was not correctly issued. Why is it that Barnet Council and/or NSL will have read this appeal and turned it down?
In another case Barnet Council / NSL were given a 2 week adjournment to produce their paperwork and still failed so the parking ticket was quite correctly cancelled.
Banret Council failed to support the issue of a parking ticket in Edgwarebury Gardens by not producing any evidence as to whether it was inside a CPZ or not (they really should know by now). The adjudicator said "the second page of their case summary is confusing and meaningless". Ouch. The parking ticket was cancelled.
31st - Three more parking tickets cancelled by Order of the Adjudicator,
I can see that the Adjudicator is going to take against Barnet Council soon.
As you can see it is well worth your time and trouble to appeal against parking tickets all the way to PATAS.
Yours appealingly
Miss Feezance

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