Monday, 20 August 2012

PATAS - 30 July to 11 August -

finely balanced
During this fortnight the number of allowed and refused cases were the same at 8 each (after excluding 3 I had seen previously reported). That is the typical outcome except that in 5 cases the appeals were allowed by Order of the Chief adjudicator which shows that Barnet Council / NSL had still not got their acts together to present the necessary paperwork. We are now over 3 months into the contract.

Interesting cases in this period were a taxi driver who couldn't find his passenger and so was deemed to have spent too long on double yellow lines. Parking law is a bit rough on taxi drivers whose passengers may not be model travellers. Another case where a blue badge holder was fined after 3h3m of parking when the limit on a single yellow line is 3h; do you suppose the traffic warden hung around willing time to pass? In another case the photographs and the contravention were contradictory so the ticket was cancelled.

Barnet Council did actually exercise their discretion in a blue badge case but they hadn't properly read the representations made by the motorist the first time around so there was a fair amount of stress for the motorist.

The final case in which the ticket was upheld the vehicle was observed at 10.43, ticketed at 10.46 and the parking was paid for at 10.50. This seems a bit rough as to park and pay the first time can take up to 20 minutes and finding a pay point shop would take at least 7 minutes to find in most locations.

Keep on appealing, you know it makes sense.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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