Thursday, 16 August 2012

PATAS - 23-28 July - still a car crash

this car was given a ticket!
Barnet Council / NSL are still failing to get the necessary paperwork to PATAS. The motorist gets their ticket cancelled but have had all of the stress.

Totals 11 4
Some notable cases from the week.

23: A ticket cancelled by order of the Adjudicator. This means no paperwork received and more evidence of contract failure.

23: In this case the motorist claimed the address was too general as only a street name, and a long one at that, was specified. That didn't work. However, although not mandatory there were no photographs which is odd and tipped things the way of the motorist. In addition the warden says he gave the ticket to the motorist and the motorist said he didn't. There was enough doubt for the ticket to be cancelled.

23: A motorist who has a blue badge was helping his elderly mother into a nursing home and forgot to put the badge on display. No mercy for innocent error. He has to pay the parking ticket. Being a good Samaritan is expensive.

24: Another by order ticket cancelled.

24: All meters were covered. The motorist paid by phone but still got a ticket. There were not enough signs about how to pay. The ticket was cancelled.

24: The bay markings on the pathway were not clear enough to prove that there was a pavement parking bay so the ticket has to be paid. The failure of the council to make bays clear has worked in their favour this time; on the road it usually goes against them. Only park on the pavement if you are sure you should.

25: A motorist's daughter needed the toilet. He used the loading bay to park in for a few minutes. The ticket has to be paid.

25: The parking ticket recorded an incorrect tax disc number and the other evidence was poor. The ticket was cancelled.

25: The contravention time was recorded as 20:26 but the zone ended at 17:30 so the ticket was cancelled.

26: Another by order ticket cancelled.

26: A personal appearance by the motorist and no show by Barnet Council / NSL. How rude. The ticket was cancelled.

26: A taxi driver was collecting a disabled passenger in a wheelchair. the traffic warden claimed to have observed for 8 minutes. The motorist is allowed time for passengers to board and for the loading of luggage i.e. the wheelchair. The ticket was cancelled.

27: This one is great. The penalty issued was that the motorist had parked after the expiry of paid for time. The motorist had not paid at all so he was given the wrong category of ticket. The ticket was cancelled. A lucky escape for that motorist.

The contract is still going very badly at the end of the first quarter of the year. How long does it take to get your act together. What does this tell us about what the huge customer services and development and regulatory services handovers will be like, massive disasters for £100m pa.a. of services.

Keep putting those appeals in.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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