Monday, 13 August 2012

NSL in a fix

a pristine unused plastic wallet - backing still attached
I have now discovered why cases are going to PATAS where the motorist says they never received the ticket i.e. there was not a ticket on their car when they returned to it. The reason is that the tickets are not being fixed to the vehicle.

What does "fixed" actually mean. Well given that pretty much every borough uses the little yellow plastic wallets which have a sticky back under a peelable paper cover then I would say that means that the parking ticket should be placed inside the plastic wallet and then stuck to the windscreen. The wallet I have obtained was given to my by a friend and was merely tucked under their windscreen wiper blade from which it is possible that it could escape in the wind or be picked off by a mischievous passer-by.

It looks to me like the traffic wardens under the control of NSL are not following the rules properly.

The standard of their work, considering that they are meant to be experts in their field (if not, why were they given a contract)  looks to be below par to me. Look at the reverse of the parking ticket which tells you how to pay. Can you read it? The front was absolutely clear but the back of the ticket is unreasonably feint.

This is not equitable for the motorist.

Keep on challenging those tickets.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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