Monday, 30 July 2012

PATAS 9 -14 July

Here are the figures for the next week of final appeals to the Parking & Traffic Appeals Service:

Appeal Appeal
July Allowed Refused
9 3 0
10 0 0
11 1 0
12 6 0
13 0 0
14 3 1
Totals 13 1

The only case lost was when a motorist who didn't have a bank card on him met with a broken parking meter and his own photograph showed that he should have paid by phone as an alternative. Given that the council might not have served their paperwork if that photo had not been submitted that case also might have been decided in favour of the motorist.

Other cases that were allowed include someone unloading heavy boxes in person. Another case saw the parking ticket not being served properly and the tone, content and consistency of what Barnet Council / NSL had to say being less believed than the motorist.
In one case the Notice to Owner was defective. That is something I will consider in detail soon in a separate post.
Another motorist had paid by SMS but still got a ticket. The traffic warden claimed to have observed from 12:52 to 14:57 which seems unlikely. Documents were not produced by Barnet Council / NSL in this case so the motorist won.
In a case heard on 12 June the parking ticket and the car had different registration numbers so that certainly had to be cancelled.
Also that day an appeal concerned a faded yellow line in Hoop Lane. The ticket was issued in March 2012 and yet Barnet Council / NSL produced photographs from 2009. How do they help clarify anything?

Two tickets were heard at an adjourned appeal to allow time for Barnet Council / NSL to produce evidence of the pay-by-phone requirements. The documents were not produced at the adjournment and so the motorist won.

On 14 July the three allowed appeals were because Barnet Council / NSL did not produce the necessary paperwork.

You do have to ask yourself what sort of contract handover has taken place on this One Barnet outsourcing. It should be the simplest of contracts to hand on to another company and here we are, 10 weeks into the contract, and paperwork is not being produced in anything like a consistent manner for PATAS. This truly is shambolic.

Keep piling the appeals in. Whilst Barnet Council / NSL are in such a mess you stand every chance of winning an appeal.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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