Monday, 2 July 2012

PATAS 28 May to 1 June - the worst week yet

You have got the picture from reading previous blog posts.
Here are the numbers of parking tickets that were cancelled by PATAS each day in just one week, the worst week for NSL so far and the best for motorists.

Appeal Appeal
May Allowed Refused
28 3
29 10
30 0
31 22
01-Jun 35
Totals 70 -

If NSL had produced the paperwork about half of the tickets would have been upheld. The 35 that might have been paid if they had done the contracted work would have been a mix of bus lane tickets at £130, higher level penalties at £110 and lower level penalties at £60 which gives a weighted average, when using the estimated ticket numbers for the year to March 12, of £98 per ticket.
Thus the lost ticket income is in the order of 35*£98 or approximately £3,400
I do hope Barnet Council penalise NSL for this failure.
Remember, if you get a parking ticket, appeal once, appeal twice, appeal three times. It can be worth it.
Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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