Monday, 16 July 2012

PATAS 18-23 June

Surely NSL are performing by now, 6 weeks into the contract? It seems not.

Here are the numbers.

Appeal Appeal
June Allowed Refused
18 4 1
19 16 1
20 0 1
21 2 3
22 2 1
23 0 1
Totals 24 8

Once again we see cases where the evidence has not been sent to PATAS by NSL. How much longer can this go on for? ( At least another 3 weeks ).

Some of the interesting cases this week were a motorist who had a problem paying by phone and told the traffic warden (CEO) who said they had cancelled the ticket. Oh, what a whopper. The motorist produced their telephone call records and the appeal was allowed.

In another case the paperwork from Barnet Council said that the charge of £55 would be reduced by 50% to £110. Oops, that Notice was manifestly non-compliant and so the parking ticket was cancelled.

Another motorist, Mr F, received 3 tickets for 3 consecutive bus lanes. His car was overheating and so he limped slowly home and avoided impeding other traffic by using the bus lanes. He produced garage bills to show the repairs that were necessary. PATAS found that the issue of 3 tickets was excessive and so cancelled two. One had to be paid as the motorist should have stopped and called out a breakdown service. It is OK to break down and stop in a bus lane it seems as it is beyond your control.

A Mr O parked on the footway in Clifford Rd and his appeal was refused. There is only room for one car at a time up Clifford Road ( it and Hadley or Woodville could all usefully be made one way ) and it is a bit of a rat run at the rush hour but even if cars park on the pavement on both sides there still won't be room for 2 cars so why anyone does it is beyond me. The pavements are narrow and should be left clear. Please don't park on the pavement anywhere in Barnet and that is one parking ticket that you can then never get.

Another motorist saw the parking meters bagged over and thought that parking had become free because it had been the previous Xmas ( the free after 3 scheme ) but her appeal was refused. An expensive lesson for Miss J that she should have checked the signs.

Some poor sole received a ticket at 11.02 when the bay started at 11.00 Over sleeping or losing track of time in Barnet can be expensive.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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