Tuesday, 10 July 2012

PATAS 11-16 June / Sandbrook Close

Did NSL wake up yet? No.

Total 43 7

There were some interesting cases in this week which were mostly in favour of the motorist.

One person claimed they were abroad in the vehicle but the tax disc number had been noted so they weren't.

One person claimed they had broken down but did not turn up to present their argument; perhaps they broke down again; they lost.

Someone else parked on their own approach to their property across the verge which they accessed via a crossover; they lost.

One person claimed to be loading but their delivery paperwork was for the wrong day so they lost.

All the above cases show that you have to be careful with your paperwork if you want to win your case.

One person claimed to be outside the hours of the yellow line when they were inside them. This was in Sandbrook Close. The problem was the same as for Brent Green where the sign plate was held to be confusing. This person won their appeal as the local authority should know better and should put up clear signs. See case no. 2120234187 on the PATAS website.

Barnet Council rescheduled one hearing and then still failed to submit any evidence. PATAS seemed unamused at that event and naturally found in favour of the motorist.

Keep putting those appeals in. Remember you have to submit three (informal,formal and then to PATAS) to be in with a real chance of winning.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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