Monday, 25 June 2012

More NSL laxity - w/e 18 May 12

Did NSL get their act together by the week ending 18th May? No.

Here are the results for appeals listed by the Parking and Traffic Appeals Centre for hearing that week (PATAS)





Of the two refused appeals, so the parking ticket is valid and should be paid, the first related to parking on the footpath in Wayside, Child's Hill which has been the subject of concern to one of the councillors in that ward, Lord Monroe Palmer as this link shows.

It is a mistake by motorists to think that they are more important than pedestrians. The council, or other road traffic authorities, divide up the space available as best they can and generally cars should remain on the roadway and pedestrians should remain on the footway (although by the nature of the design linking all roads together it is the case that pedestrians have to cross the road. What would it be like if all footpaths were linked together and cars had to cross those at every junction?; it would certainly slow the traffic down especially if cars were held to be at fault on the crossings unless they had proof to the contrary).

Motorists, don't park on the pavement in order to make it easier for cars to get by on the road as all you do is make it harder for prams and wheelchairs.

Motorists, if the road is not wide enough don't park on both sides, park somewhere else.

The other refused appeal related to a motorist who said they had sold their car. They had inadequate records of the sale. When you sell your car make sure you keep the portion signed by the buyer and also make sure it is you who posts everything off to DVLA and don't rely on the buyer saying they will do it. If your car is being purchased for the purposes of crime the buyer will not want their name in the "logbook". Paperwork can be a little tedious but it does save you money.

How many weeks is it going to be before appeals are being properly heard at PATAS?

It is definitely worth your time and trouble to send in an appeal to PATAS if the council reject your case as they find in favour of the motorist about 50% of the time (almost all of the time for now).

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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