Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow - parking tickets freeze

I don't recommend parking here

 Picture courtesy of Nancy Colella, Painter

Don't go buying a parking ticket today in Golders Green ( one of the few zones which operates on a Sunday ) or worry about parking on double yellow lines that are covered by snow because in order to issue a ticket the lines must be clearly visible to the CEO. Any lines that are covered in snow simply do not count. A motorist, who could be a stranger to the area, simply cannot be expected to know what colour of line, if any, is under 10cm of snow and where they start or finish.

Hopefully the CEO will not be coming out until the snow and subsequent slush has all gone. 

It is possible that you will return home in the snow and park in what you think is the residents parking bay and accidentally leave a wheel, or even your whole car, out of the bay ( similar to how the fog plays tricks with our memories ) and you are out at work on the day that the snow melts away and the CEOs are rushing around trying to get back up to quota and you then get a parking ticket. My advice is to appeal any such ticket on the grounds that you tried your best to abide by the law and that you moved your vehicle as soon as you could after the snow had cleared. The council has a duty to be fair and should cancel a ticket issued in such circumstances.

You also need to act sensibly and not park where you know it is silly or dangerous.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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  1. I recommend a good site for those that do get a ticket in these circumstances.

    Never pay an 'invoice' from a private parking company, they are not legally enforceable.