Monday, 12 December 2011

Vouchers - the facts ( well for now anyway )

Barnet Council have made a right mess of the voucher system. Paypoint was described by one resident as a figleaf, a nonsense, shameful and a disgrace. I am not sure that the voucher system is even that good.

From: McArdle, John
Sent: 08 December 2011
To: E & O - All Staff; Sterry, Heather; Doody, Lauren; Nason, Jody; Cocker, Sue; Langton, Mike; Griffin, Nick; Palmer, Chris; Constantinou, Effy; Adams, Nikki; Benn, Christine
Importance: High

Dear All

This is important information concerning Parking Vouchers and MUST be passed to anyone who has any prospect of being in contact with Ward Members, residents, or the general public. They should read and understand it, even if they think they already know the answers.

The Facts

Parking Vouchers are now available

They are only available by emailing or calling NLBP

They are NOT available in libraries or any other Council premises

The email address is: parkingvouchers’

The telephone number is: 020 8359 7446

They are valid for One Hour and more than one may be displayed

They cost £2 each, and are sold in sheets of four

Full instructions are printed on each Voucher

They are posted out from NLBP

There is no postage charge

If anyone has a Voucher they are allowed to sell it on

There is no bulk discount ( i.e. for shops, MF )

A Half Hour Voucher is planned but NOT READY YET

It will cost £1 WHEN IT IS AVAILABLE

It is anticipated in mid JANUARY 2012

Some Councillors will be calling staff numbers this afternoon and will be expecting to receive clear and consistent responses.

I apologise for the firm tone of this message but am being pressed to ensure that it is effectively distributed.

I look forward to reading one of Mr McArdle's later less firm, more fluffy emails. Does he sound like a man under pressure to you?

Feel free to give him some more. Write to him at to tell him why you think that the voucher system is a figleaf.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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