Monday, 12 December 2011

Interim Parking Manager plays hardball

When I was looking for something else on the Internet I came across the following:-

Sun, 20 Nov 2011 - 21:16
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Dear all, newbie here!

Got a ticket way back in March that I have been fighting. Been a catalogue of errors by Barnet along the way but still they hang on - I think they have the hump about another ticket I successfully appealed.

I replied to their NTO by email (for which I have my own bone fide delivery receipts). Barnet claim not to have received my emails and have issued me with a Charge Cerificate. Although it is not stated on ANY of their correspondence, they insist that because I do not have an email delivery receipt from them that their hands are tied - they will not recognise the email delivery receipt from my PC.

Surely the fact that you have to have a Barnet Council Official email receipt should be on their paperwork. I also think that the should provide instructions as to what to do should you not receive one?

I am corresponding with John McArdle (interim parking manager) who will have none of it it. He will not acknowledge any of my points at all but just keeps bleating on about the fact that I never made representations to the NTO within 28 days - I clearly did! His last email (today) to me read "I am not prepared to engage in debate with you outside the statutory process". The great thing is that there is no receipt produced when emailing Mr McArdle so it's not something you would assume is "normal" or expected when dealing with this Borough.

I have been given until Fri 25th to pay up. Do I let it got to court and appeal?

Any help is much appreciated as this one has been dragging on for almost 8 months!!

Many thanks

You can read the rest of the tale on the following link.
It would seem that Barnet Council are desperate for every penny of income.
Don't let their attitude put you off. Just keep on marching to the end of the process.
Yours appealingly
Miss Feezance

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