Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Footway Parking - LIP policy

7.5.14 Footway (pavement) parking was prohibited throughout London in 1974. It can obstruct pedestrians, particularly the disabled and those with wheelchairs, buggies or prams and can endanger the visually impaired. It can damage the footway and services beneath it as footways are not, as a matter of course, designed to take the weight of vehicles. Pavements are for people, roads are for wheels.
7.5.15 The prohibition applies to every part of the highway that is not a carriageway and so also applies to islands and refuges, kerb extensions, verges, and hard-standings not made-up as footways. Whether the vehicle is causing an obstruction is not an issue. OK
7.5.16 The Council recognises that the 1974 Act permits an exemption for loading provided the vehicle is attended at all times. I didn't know this; so when the cash wagon parks 100% on the pavement outside the Halifax completely blocking the entire pavement, that is OK then?
7.5.17 The Council has provided authorised parking areas on footways in some streets, but there had not been a continuous programme of this and little has taken place for some years. Recently - catalysed by an increase in parking attendants, improved "contactability" of the enforcement service, and possibly a greater tendency of people to report footway parking, the Council has received requests to exempt more areas from the prohibition and in some cases it is recognised that this could be safely accommodated. I don't think that having now closed the parking office the service can be classed as more contactable. Have you tried getting through on the phone. If you are visiting from Croydon you will be fine. You can go knock on the office door of NSL there. Note that if you live in a narrow road where you have parked on the pavement for years ( as long as you leave room for pushchairs and wheelchairs, I hope ) the council will rationalise your request. Best if the whole street gets together, forms a residents association and sends in a request.
7.5.18 In 2006 a work programme will be set up to manage these requests, establishing clear criteria to maintain access along the footway for users, particularly the disabled and those with buggies and prams. As I just said above.
7.5.19 In several recent cases residents of certain streets have indicated that they have parked for many years in this manner, and believed that margin strips in block or bitumised macadam had been provided for this purpose. Given that in the past there may not have been enforcement levels to alert residents to the issues, the Council will in such circumstances withdraw enforcement in streets where active consideration is to be given to permitting footway parking. If you don't ask you don't get, except a PCN of course. Make sure you get agreement from the council in writing if you want it to stick. This will avoid the problem of corporate amnesia when the responsible officer moves on.

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