Friday, 23 December 2011

Crossover ticket cancelled

I expect that you remember this photograph of my friend's car ( the black one ) which got a ticket for supposedly parking adjacent to a crossover.

My friend wrote a letter and then he wrote another one and his informal appeal was rejected. So he wrote again asking for a copy of Barnet Council's photograph ( they are now available for recent tickets at least on the Barnet Council website ) and he got told that the amount had to be paid which was odd as they hadn't answered his letter. Anyway he kept on and now he has been told that the ticket is cancelled.

So all this started in September. Barnet Council have issued a ticket that is patently wrong, they have chased it and messed my friend about for 3 months which has caused him anxiety and wasted his time and although they do say "sorry for any inconvenience", as if you might not have had any?, I actually don't think that is good enough. When we make a mistake we pay. Surely when the council makes a mistake they should pay us?

The moral of the story is if your ticket is invalid stand up and fight and don't be bullied by the council into paying up. Barnet Council are in Private Eye this week for their bullying antics, see here

Have you had a defective ticket cancelled? It can feature anonymously on this blog if you send me the details.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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