Sunday, 9 October 2011

Moss Hall - have they borrowed some zig-zags from another school

I was out and about and my route took me past this school which a friend had told me had dodgy lines. It does.

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Lines that go on for ever. The first set appear to be longer than allowed for in the regulations. They also exist at an entrance that is not in use so a bit of a waste to blot out that section of road. There are four consecutive sets of zig-zags each separated by a 100mmm gap. It is envisaged that there could be two adjacent zig-zags in the government guidance but not four. This section of road needs to be visited again in order to repaint some of it with double yellow, single yellow or no lines at all and this would then give those parents that have to drive a fair chance of dropping their children somewhere near the school, give the coaches somewhere to stop and with 45 to 90m of unobstructed vision still keep the children safe.

Why such long hours? Why not just restrict the hours when children arrive for school and leave?

Just look at how lazy the contractor was, that or he was only paid to paint up to the end of the new tarmac, but the effect is that the second set of lines are invalid as incorrectly painted. There also used to be a white line which has no meaning.

I checked the national curriculum and found that Road safety is fortunately not included for junior schools. Message to coach drivers - ignore what the school suggest. If you switch off you engine whilst you are adjacent to one of these signs which are adjacent to zig-zags you will be committing the offence of stopping on a zig-zag which is not allowed, not even for the school bus, but as professional drivers you will know this. If you don't believe this then see this link.

reminds me of prison garb

These are the lines in Nether St. They are longer than 45m so if you have/had a ticket for parking on those appeal and/or ask for your money back as you have paid in error.

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