Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Cancel that CPZ - Church End - part

I cannot find any legislation that allows for the removal of a CPZ. It looks therefore like it is down to your local councillors to assist you. Here is an example of one small part of the Church End CPZ which is mooted for removal.

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So it seems that if the CPZ is close to local amenities which are regularly utilised by visitors to local amenities then it is OK to remove the CPZ. So Barnet High has shops in the High St, the library just behind, a museum (just), churches, Hadley Common, High Barnet tube, the Vale Drive clinic, Barnet College, all local amenities that get used by visitors. Best take out the C zone CPZ completely.

Seriously, if you want to get rid of your CPZ so that you don't have to pay £100 for your car, £4 a day for any visitors and risk getting a PCN at £110 if you oversleep then you need a plan. The route I would take is to go and talk to as many of the neighbours as possible and see if you can get a consensus, then put out a survey to every house in the zone and then discuss the findings with your ward councillors and convince them to support you. If you can make friends with Cllr Coleman so much the better.  Then make a formal application to the Council who will have to consult and then make a decision; hopefully in your favour if you have done the groundwork.

Best of luck

Miss Feezance

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