Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Vale Drive - EN5 - more parking blunders ( edited 4 October )

I carried on with my review of zig zag lines out side of schools.

Vale Drive, EN5 2ED - what is wrong with this sign ?

However, I was side-tracked by the above sign. There are at least 2 things wrong with it. The first is that you don't know what zone you are in. It is zone D as it happens and it should be printed on the sign. Tut tut Barnet, no points for that. Then the really serious error is that the times listed are 8am to 6.30 pm but the zone is only valid for 1 hour. You know what to do if you got a ticket here? yes, that's right, appeal.

How can you have a 2 hour parking limit in a one hour zone? You can't.
Here is the photograph opposite the above one on the other side of the road.

So one side of the road has a 1 hour limit and the other has an all day limit. Oh no it doesn't!
 Note that sign is correctly marked with a "D"

You already know what is wrojng with the above photograph. The sign should not have the word "school" on it and the zig-zag lines are far too long and this is caused by a repitition of the words "school keep clear". I might just have to paint "Barnet Council Keep clear" outside Hendon Town Hall for fun. The sign is also at the wrong angle, it should face the road so that you can read it easily.

zig-zags viewed from the south - far too long
If you have received a ticket in Vale Drive for parking on the zig-zags or for parking in the bay above them then you know what to do; appeal and if you have already paid then ask for a refund as you have paid in error.

This sign is on the pavement side of the pole. I haven't had an hour free in which to read it yet - and you just wanted to park your car? Barnet College will have to offer a degree course in parking skills soon!

Now that's funny isn't it? The sign at the bottom of Vale Rd says 2pm - 3pm but time has elapsed by the time you get 100m up the road and you have entered Barnet Council time whereby they can charge you to park from 8am to 6.30pm - oh no they can't!

Get that appeal in now - you must succeed.

Apply for that refund now. You have given your money away in error.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance


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