Friday, 23 September 2011

Duplicate blog re. Barnet CPZ Action - please help

This is a copy of the blog from the following website Barnet CPZ action

The numerically challenged folk at Barnet Council mess up again!

You may remember that back in March Barnet Council wasted taxpayers' money advertising incorrect parking permit charges in the local press. To comply with the law, they had to re-advertise using the correct charges after we pointed out their mistake. This resulted in the introduction of the new charges being delayed by a month, giving hundreds of people the chance to renew their permits at the old rates.

Now we learn that Barnet Council is informing residents who try to buy visitor vouchers online that they cost £48 for 10 vouchers (see
this link ). So that's £4.80 each. The law is crystal clear that Barnet can only charge £4 per voucher because this is the price stated in the statutory Notice that brought in the increase.

Is this just another example of Council incompetence and only a mistake on the form? Or has the Council actually charged anyone £4.80 for a voucher of £48 for 10? If so, its a very serious matter as this would be unlawful. If you have been charged this, please let us know.

Now Barnet, repeat after me: One times four is four; two times four is.....

If you can help, please visit their website and send them a message.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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