Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bell Lane NW4 2AS - LBB blunder again

Bell Lane were fourth in the ill-conceived LBB clampdown.

At this school the zig-zags were on both sides of the road. I am not sure that there should be any on the road opposite the school, that really isn't the purpose of them.

Here are the photos that I took.

These ones outside the school are too long as the wording is repeated. Definitely over 45m and so cause for appeal.

Work this one out if you can. This sign is on the opposite side of the road above the yellow zig-zags that are opposite the school. So you are faced with two signs with times which restrict parking and stopping which are completely different. Lunacy. How can they be school entrance markings? The school is on the other side of the road!

I have lost track of the number of blunders at this site, including my own, now corrected! Not only are there zig-zags which are much more than 45m in length but there is a yellow line which is expressly forgiven. You can see for yourself that there are dropped kerbs which you cannot park across anywhere in Barnet, as the entire borough is a special enforcement area, and therefore no lines are necessary.

Were you ticketed at Bell Lane? Appeal or apply for a refund.

Amendment - I have just found the extra wording about having single & double yellow lines along with zig-zags and it is permissible as long as they are clearly marked. The zig-zag is to prevent stopping and the single/double yellow lines are to prevent parking and so yes they can have different times of operation. You are allowed to set down passengers on a double yellow but not on a school zig-zag. You can still appeal here against a ticket for being on the zig-zags as they are too long and probably also for being on the single yellow as it is not clear.

Yours appealinglyMiss Feezance

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