Monday, 19 September 2011

Barnet blunder at Fairway School. Zig Zag Zog.

I was going past this school at the weekend so I stopped for a look at the lines and luckily I had my binoculars with me although as the school is situated on a bend and there were some cars parked then you can't see form one end of the lines to the other.
You might remember that this school was third in the league table for PCN's issued by LBB ( the London Borough of Barnet - I am going to use this abbreviation from now on in all posts ).

So this was the third school I have visited. Are the ziz zag lines compliant with the rules? It may be hard to believe but they aren't. I have avidly read the following blogs which keep on giving LBB a pasting and evidently it is well deserved.

Broken Barnet ( Mrs Angry)

There is a push against the outsourcing that LBB want to do but if they can't supervise a contractor who only has to paint lines on the road what hope is there that LBB can properly supervise anything large or complex?

Anyway here are the photos that I took at the scene of the non-crime.

click to enlarge & back to return

these lines are not 3m from peak to peak

that word "school" again

zig zag lines go on for ever

So the main thing that is wrong is that the lines go on and on and on for at least 100m instead of the prescribed maximum of 45m. The words "School Keep Clear"  are repeated twice and that is the main reason why the lines are the wrong length.

The peaks of the zig-zags are not uniformly 3m apart

The sign is, as usual, incorrect.

You know what to do. If you have a ticket here then appeal.

At some point LBB will think about correcting the lines. Knowing them they will, if they want to make them longer than 45m long, paint two sets with a small gap between them. That would be a bad idea LBB. The reason why the government have set the lines as being between 25m and 45m long is because 45m is considered to be long enough to meet the required safety level.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance

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