Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Business opportunity

Barnet Council have had it all their own way for too long. They are using parking as a revenue raising exercise and not to assist residents to park near their homes.

They hand out parking tickets ( PCNs to give them their abbreviation in common parlance ) with the cool authority of a body in the right and most of the time they are probably in the wrong. They are jobsworths who need to be brought to heel.

Now what is needed to level the playing field are some people who will help the hard pressed motorist to fight back by doing the appeal paperwork. It is quite easy, there are a set of rules that the Council must follow and most of the time they fail to follow them.

Now this is a service which the motorist will be prepared to pay for, probably the sum of £20 to £25, rather than the £100 for higher rate penalties or £60 for lower rate penalties that the Council demands.

So people with attention to detail are needed, who can read a book of rules and see which have not been followed, and who are mobile and can walk their local area and keep an eye on the state of the CPZ ( controlled parking zone ) and who can easily contest 4 or 5 tickets a day in their spare time and make a steady living.

So if you can read and write to a decent standard, relish the cut and thrust of debate and have some free time then why not email Miss Feezance and let us start you up in your own business that helps residents. Its a Big Society thing, which is all the rage at the moment.

So if you live in one of the following CPZ areas and want to start a small business please send an email to Miss Feezance telling her why you would be good at this :

Mill Hill
East Finchley
Golders Green
West Hendon
North Finchley
Church End
High Barnet
Watling Avenue
Temple Fortune
Totteridge Lane
Menorah school

Yours appealing

Miss Feezance

CPZ parking tickets are no joke

We are all expected to be perfect nowadays and if we do the slightest thing wrong, such as parking in the wrong place because the signs are unclear then we get hit with a parking ticket. This is expensive and does not add to the quality of life.

In some quarters the London Borough of Barnet is known as Broken Barnet because it's management is itself far from perfect but that does not stop them from issuing at least 100,000 parking tickets ( Penalty Charge Notices = PCN ) every year. So a simple error could cost you £100 or more. For a person on the minimum wage that represents over 16 hours of work ( if we exclude tax & NI - so more like half the week's wages gone ).

Is this really the sort of society that we want to live in ?

So the purpose of this site is to help you to fight back in the London Borough of Broken Barnet against their one-sided and inefficient parking controls.

What do they know at the the London Borough of Broken Barnet, sat in their over-manned ivory towers ironically entitled the North London Business Park ( well it is in North London, and it is a park of sorts, and oh yes, plenty of funny business does go on there ) ?

What they don't know is how to put up a sign marking the start of a CPZ ( Controlled Parking Zone )  or what length the lines should be that are painted on the road or what to put on the little signs on poles at each bay. So this website is going to help you hang on to your money, stop the Council collecting Council Tax in the guise of PCNs and give you guidance on what to say in your appeal as many of their tickets have been issued when they should not have been.

Broken Barnet is a big place so Miss Feezance needs your help about which more shortly.

Yours appealingly

Miss Feezance